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You name it. We can build it.

Whether it’s a pressurized tank wagon to transport ammonia, a coil wagon to move steel or a flat wagon to ship automobiles, we can build it. We can back it up, too—with the expertise, production facilities and track record to ensure on-time delivery and reliable performance.

 You can depend on us for:

  1. Advanced freight car design and engineering
  2. High-quality, cost-effective manufacturing
  3. Robust production facilities capable of producing multiple wagon types simultaneously

Our European rail operations are supported by a 676,000 square foot manufacturing facility, WagonySwidnica S.A., located in Swidnica, Poland and a sales support office, Greenbrier Germany GmbH, in Leipzig, Germany.

Since 1998, we’ve been designing, building and backing a portfolio of railcars in Europe that are as diverse as our customers. Today, we are proud to be one of the leading wagon builders in the continent.