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The expertise to build your vision.

At Gunderson Marine, we have a storied history. It’s one inspired by our underpinnings in steel fabrication and propelled by a commitment to meet our customers’ unique needs with full-service engineering, production and financial solutions.

Located on a deep-water site in Portland, Oregon, our facility has built a diverse portfolio of more than 2,000 marine vessels. Our emphasis is on ocean-going barges, including ATB's, conventional deck barges, double-hull tank barges, railcar/deck barges, dump barges and barges for aggregates and other heavy industrial products. We’re fully equipped with the longest side-launch ways on the West Coast, state-of-the-art fabrication technologies and lean manufacturing tools to ensure:

  1. Adherence to the highest safety standards
  2. Quality craftsmanship
  3. Reliable, on-time delivery
  4. Efficient production
  5. Competitive pricing

Our team includes industry experts who take great pride in their work—veterans who are dedicated to transforming our customers’ visions into efficient marine vessels.

Find out more about our engineering expertise and quality assurance.