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Integrated railcar solutions to support the life of your car.

At Greenbrier, our railcar business revolves around a proven system of tightly integrated services: manufacturing, leasing, asset management, and repair, wheels and parts. It’s a model that provides our customers with the peace of mind that their railcar needs will be managed meticulously for the life of their cars.

From Class I and short-line railroads to shippers and leasing companies, our customers are as diverse as the railcar services we provide. We can customize a solution to address the most complex railcar challenges.

 We do it all:

Our capabilities are diverse, but our focus is unwavering: to deliver the right combination of products and services to meet each customer’s needs.





"Our integrated, multi-business approach is a sound strategy
that gives Greenbrier the
distinct competitive advantage
of being able to market
complete systems and
customer solutions. This model allows us to provide value to
our customers and shareholders over the life of a railcar."

Bill Furman, CEO   

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