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Wheels, Repair and Parts

Spanning over 30 locations in North America, our AAR-certified repair, wheel and parts network is one of the industry’s largest. Our broad geographic coverage allows us to provide consistent, high-quality service close to our customers' centers of operations. It also allows us to work on a wide variety of cars, including covered hoppers, open-top hoppers, boxcars, gondolas, double-stack cars, automotive racks, tank cars and all types of flatcars.

Whether it’s addressing simple running repairs, reconditioning crucial component parts or overseeing in-house engineered projects, we have what it takes to ensure your business keeps moving — from coast to coast.

  • Program and routine car repairs
  • Refurbishment, wreck and mobile repairs
  • Blast, paint and stencil services
  • Certified tank car repair, cleaning and testing
  • New and reconditioned wheel sets
  • Roller bearing mounting
  • Axle finishing
  • Boxcar roofs, doors and parts
  • Reconditioned draft arrangements
  • New and reconditioned cushioning units
  • Reconditioned truck components
  • Complete engineering services

Our expert staff adheres to the highest standards of quality and personalized service. The result: partnerships our customers can count on for the life of their railcars.



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