Railcar Management

About Us:

Greenbrier Management Services (GMS) is North America’s most comprehensive railcar management solutions provider. We manage over 270,000 railcars and maintain an unwavering commitment to customer service.

GMS has invested over 20 years in developing our technology, processes, and people to provide the best railcar management products and services in the industry. We are powered by proprietary software and the best subject matter experts in the railcar business. Because of these two vitally important capabilities, we are able to deliver world class solutions to every type of customer, from Class I railroads, lessors, and industrial shippers to financial investors.

Railcar Management Service Offerings:

Owning, operating, or leasing a railcar is a complicated business, but we can help.  Our railcar management services include:

  • Maintenance expense management and billing administration
  • Repair expense forecasting
  • Tank car engineering and regulatory compliance
  • Scheduled maintenance program design
  • Ad valorem tax filings
  • Railcar tracking and visibility systems
  • Railcar logistics services
  • Storage management
  • Lease administration
  • Car hire processing and back office

Because our business was originally built with Greenbrier's diverse car owner and lessor responsibilities in mind, we have the broad expertise to cover nearly any railcar management need that our customers may have. And because we own our entire technology development process, GMS is able to maintain the most nimble and robust asset management platform in the industry. As a result, our integrated solutions and reporting can be customized for any customer function or management need.

Integrated Solutions:

Finally, as one of The Greenbrier Companies, GMS is able to bundle products and services from across our organization to provide a comprehensive solution, not just a product. For example, GMS has the ability to combine GBW's railcar repair network and Greenbrier Rail Services' wheel supply with our own railcar management services offerings for customized and truly integrated solutions.  As a result, our customers are able to achieve better managed costs and increased uptime for their fleets.

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Railcar Management