Products & Services Railcar Manufacturing 15,700 Gallon Phosphoric Acid Tank Car
15,700 Gallon Phosphoric Acid Tank Car

15,700 Gallon Phosphoric Acid Tank Car

This 15,700 gallon (US) tank car is built to 286,000 lb gross rail load for the transportation of phosphoric acid and other like commodities. The car is equipped with a 20-inch, eight (8) bolt manway, and a 165 psi pressure relief valve. Top fittings consisting of 2- and 3-inch valves and a vacuum relief valve to accommodate closed system loading and unloading. The bottom outlet is a 4-inch SST outlet valve. For purified phosphoric acid, the tank is equipped with heating coils and insulation.

Various options for loading/unloading valve configurations are available depending on the service requirements.

Length Inside N/A
Width, Inside N/A
Length, Over Couplers 46' 7"
Width, Extreme 10' 10"
Height, Inside N/A
Door Opening, Width N/A
Height, Extreme 15' 1"
Height, Top of Rail to Threshold N/A
Clearance AAR PLATE B
Light Weight 57,269lbs.
Gross Rail Load 286,000lbs.
Load Limit 228,730lbs.
Cubic Capacity N/A
Gallon Capacity 15,756
Curve Negotiability Radius
Uncoupled 150'
Coupled to Like Car 162'
Coupled to Base Car 162'