Products & Services Railcar Manufacturing 4-axle Tank Wagon for Ammonia
4-axle Tank Wagon for Ammonia

4-axle Tank Wagon for Ammonia

This wagon is designed for transportation of liquefied hydrocarbons (LPG) and ammonia. It is fully welded and additionally stiffened with internal rings. The entire tank is strengthened by a heat treatment prior to applying a protective paint when the wagon is destined for transportation of ammonia. The tank is equipped with fittings for bottom filling and discharging operated from the rail level on both sides of the wagon. A sun shield is installed on the top of the tank to prevent it from overheating.

Length Inside N/A
Width, Inside N/A
Length, Over Buffers 17.16m
Width, Extreme 3.04m
Height, Inside N/A
Door Opening, Width N/A
Height, Extreme 4.295m
Height, Top of Rail to Threshold N/A
Clearance G1
Light Weight 35.9t
Gross Rail Load 90t
Load Limit 54.1t
Cubic Capacity N/A
Gallon Capacity 104m
Curve Negotiability Radius
Curve Radius Uncoupled Single Wagon 35m
Coupled to Like Car 150m