Products & Services Railcar Manufacturing 4-axle Tank Wagon for LPG
4-axle Tank Wagon for LPG

4-axle Tank Wagon for LPG

This tank wagon is designed to transport liquefied hydrocarbons (LPG) and may be equipped with tanks that have a capacity of 110 m³ or 120 m³. The wagon’s design and execution comply with UIC, RIV, RID/GGVE, EBO, TÜV, AD, TRT, EN and DIN regulations. The wagon can accommodate a gross weight of 90 tons. The tare weight of the 110 m³ wagon is approximately 33.3 tons, while the 120 m³ wagon weighs approximately 35.2 tons. The lowest temperature at which the tank can be ï¬lled is –40°C. For both gases and liquids, the wagons come equipped with bottom and side/end DN80 valves. Additionally, there is a DN80/DN50 reduction attachment on the T-pipe for gases. The design meets TSI certification.

Length Inside N/A
Width, Inside N/A
Length, Over Buffers 18.00m
Width, Extreme 3.040m
Height, Inside N/A
Door Opening, Width N/A
Height, Extreme 4.295m
Height, Top of Rail to Threshold N/A
Clearance G1
Light Weight 32.8t
Gross Rail Load 90t
Load Limit 57.2t
Cubic Capacity N/A
Gallon Capacity 110m
Curve Negotiability Radius
Curve Radius Uncoupled Single Wagon 35m
Coupled to Like Car 150m