Products & Services Railcar Manufacturing 6-axle Self-discharging Wagon (Faals 151.1)
6-axle Self-discharging Wagon (Faals 151.1)

6-axle Self-discharging Wagon (Faals 151.1)

Our Faals wagon has a capacity of approximately 70 m3, making it the best wagon for transporting ore safely and economically. The wagon can be loaded with up to 114 tons of ore from an overhead hopper or a conveyor belt. Side flaps open hydraulically to allow the wagon’s load to discharge into underground cavities. The wagon has 3-axle bogies that are designed for a 25-ton axle load, enabling it to carry heavy loads safely. The automatic coupler is a standard UIC element, type AK69e with B 412 B2 damping element.

Length Inside 10.71m
Width, Inside 2.74m
Length, Over Buffers 15.05m
Width, Extreme 4.3m
Height, Inside 1.610m
Door Opening, Width N/A
Height, Extreme 4.007m
Height, Top of Rail to Threshold 0.97m
Clearance W6-A
Light Weight 35.2t
Gross Rail Load 150t
Load Limit 114.8t
Cubic Capacity 70m
Gallon Capacity N/A
Curve Negotiability Radius
Curve Radius Uncoupled Single Wagon 75m
Coupled to Like Car 150m