Products & Services Railcar Manufacturing 60’ Heavy Duty Plate C Boxcar
60’ Heavy Duty Plate C Boxcar

60’ Heavy Duty Plate C Boxcar

Designed for the can manufacturing industry, this 100-ton boxcar has two heavy-duty movable bulkheads and one standard moveable bulkhead for convenient loading of aluminum stock. Other features include end-of-car cushioning and 80,000-pound smooth steel flooring. All door type configurations are available.

Length Inside 60' 9"
Width, Inside 9' 6"
Length, Over Couplers 68' 4.5"
Width, Extreme 10' 7.5"
Height, Inside 11' 0.125"
Door Opening, Width 16'
Height, Extreme 15' 5"
Height, Top of Rail to Threshold 3' 7.9375"
Clearance AAR PLATE C
Light Weight 96,200lbs.
Gross Rail Load 286,000lbs.
Load Limit 189,800lbs.
Cubic Capacity 6,754'
Gallon Capacity N/A
Curve Negotiability Radius
Uncoupled 180'
Coupled to Like Car 180'
Coupled to Base Car 229'