Products & Services Railcar Manufacturing 72m3 4-axle Tank Car for AHF
72m3 4-axle Tank Car for AHF

72m3 4-axle Tank Car for AHF

The 4-axle tank car is designed to transport anhydrous hydrogen fluoride (UN 1052), a corrosion and poison liquid. The transport of this product is subject to the strict requirements specified in RID 2011 and the EUROFLUOR recommendations. Loading and unloading of the wagon is carried out from the top. The wagon mass is reduced significantly due to the use of Wagony Swidnica’s light bogie frame, Type H, with compact brake module. This wagon is able to carry more load than the traditional designs. The design meets the requirements of the TSI Wagon and EN Series 12561 Standards.

Length Inside N/A
Width, Inside N/A
Length, Over Buffers 17.4m
Width, Extreme 3.08m
Height, Inside N/A
Door Opening, Width N/A
Height, Extreme 4.295m
Height, Top of Rail to Threshold 1.06m
Clearance G1
Light Weight 29.5t
Gross Rail Load 90t
Load Limit 60.5t
Cubic Capacity 72m
Gallon Capacity N/A
Curve Negotiability Radius
Curve Radius Uncoupled Single Wagon 35m
Coupled to Like Car 150m