Products & Services Railcar Manufacturing 90 t (45 m3) 4-axle Box Wagon Type E02A
90 t (45 m3) 4-axle Box Wagon Type E02A

90 t (45 m3) 4-axle Box Wagon Type E02A

The 4-axle box wagon is designed for operation in the U.K. for transport of aggregate, stone and other crushed material. The 90 t wagon is equipped with an AMIII bogie, and the 102 t wagon with a TF25 bogie. The wagon is loaded and unloaded from the top using belt conveyors and/or special buckets. The brake system has an interlock system preventing the train from running when the hand brake is applied on any of the wagons. The wagon meets the TSI requirements (including special cases and deviations required on wagons designed for Great Britain), as well as the English Standards.

Length Inside 15.644m
Width, Inside 2.468m
Length, Over Buffers 16.9m
Width, Extreme 2.72m
Height, Inside 1.173m
Door Opening, Width N/A
Height, Extreme 2.4m
Height, Top of Rail to Threshold 1.277m
Clearance W6-A
Light Weight 24.1t
Gross Rail Load 90t
Load Limit 66.0t
Cubic Capacity 45.3m
Gallon Capacity N/A
Curve Negotiability Radius
Curve Radius Uncoupled Single Wagon 70m
Coupled to Like Car 70m