• Routine Maintenance and Refurbishment
  • Program Work
  • Wreck Repairs
  • Mobile Services
  • Certified Tank Car Repairs
  • Certified Tank Car Retrofits/Recertifications

Industry leaders Greenbrier and Watco have joined forces to create a world-class network of railcar repair shops – GBW Railcar Services. GBW Railcar Services owns and operates one of the largest independent railcar repair shop networks on the continent—one of the few able to service all railcar types in the North American fleet.

Visit GBW Railcar Services for additional information.

GBW Railcar Services



  • Wheel demounting and axle re-qualifying
  • Mounting of new wheels
  • Re-profiling of existing wheel sets
  • Axle inspection and qualification
  • Axle finishing and downsizing

Our new and reconditioned wheel sets are available to purchase outright or on an exchange basis to railroads, maintenance centers and repair shops across the U.S. and Mexico.

We also offer total wheel set inventory management to our customers using a proprietary, web-enabled transaction and reporting system. The system affords our customers significant freight and administrative savings on all types of components and procured items.

Our full-service wheel and axle facilities are strategically located across North America and provide complete wheel and axle services.

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