Corporate Responsibility

As a leading manufacturer of railroad freight cars and marine barges, our customers, and ultimately millions of people worldwide, rely on us to make freight transport safe, reliable, efficient and resilient.

Our commitment to our customers, partners, employees and society demands that we conduct ourselves according to the highest standards of ethics and behavior and with careful consideration of how we impact the environment and communities.


Our Approach to Corporate Responsibility

Greenbrier continuously seeks to improve our safety performance, invest in our employees, protect the environment and give back to our communities. More information on how we manage our responsibilities is available in our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report.

2020 ESG Report

2019 ESG Report



Ethical conduct is the basis of our relationships with one another. A sound ethical foundation promotes a discrimination-free work environment that fosters self-respect, loyalty and dedication.

Code of Business Conduct | EthicsPoint Reporting

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Health & Safety

We strive to continue to improve our operations and performance as we endeavor to keep all our employees safe. It is the responsibility of management and of each employee to create and maintain a safe, clean and healthy work environment. We strive to identify, evaluate, and control risks.

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Corporate Governance

We aspire to the highest standards of ethical conduct; reporting results with accuracy and transparency and maintaining full compliance with the laws, rules and regulations that govern the company’s business.

Corporate Governance Guidelines



We aim for continuous environmental performance improvement. We manufacture efficient, durable freight railcars and barges that have sustainable advantages over other modes of transportation and have reduced emissions at some facilities by as much as 60% over 20 years.



Through our shared commitment we achieve great things. We believe in lending a helping hand in the communities where we operate and strive to be a responsible corporate citizen who leads by example in charitable giving, volunteering, competitive pay and job training.