Chlorine Tank Cars

Greenbrier’s chlorine tank car is available in three different capacities: 17,250 gallon, 18,000 gallon or 18,440 gallon. All options are built for 286,000-pound gross rail load.

The car is insulated with 2-inch thick ceramic fiber covered with 2-inch fiberglass. Various options for the top operating platform, top fittings housing and loading/unloading valve configurations are available depending on customer requirements. Additional requests may be accommodated.

Additional information available at our Corporate Blog.

Technical download

17,290 Gallon

90-Ton Optimized
Light Weight
90,840 lbs.
Load Limit
180,000 lbs.

18,044 Gallon

Matches Existing Loading Racks
Light Weight
93,840 lbs.
Load Limit
187,844 lbs.

18,440 Gallon

286 GRL Optimized
Light Weight
94,050 lbs.
Load Limit
192,000 lbs.