Carlos Campos: The Ultimate Team Player



Meet Carlos Campos

Carlos Campos is a Valve Repairman at the Greenbrier Rail Services (GRS) Omaha facility. Carlos has worked at Greenbrier in various roles since 2005. Prior to his employment with GRS, Carlos worked for ISSSTE, a large retail store in Tabasco, Mexico. He was on the Human Resources team at ISSSTE, and his primary function was to hire and develop new employees.

Carlos came to the United States in 2002 and worked as a cook for a café in Kansas City, Missouri. He gained citizenship in 2005, then became a member of the Greenbrier team at the Fast Track facility. In his time at Fast Track, Carlos obtained training as a crane operator, mechanic and coatings. He moved to the Omaha facility when Fast Track closed in 2014.

Carlos displays leadership in many ways. He takes on new tasks and assignments with ease and values teamwork above all else. When asked, what IDEAL means to him, Carlos responded with, “Whenever I have new ideas, I tell someone…bosses, old employees, new employees and they listen. Then that helps them to have their own ideas. It’s not just me; it takes everyone working together… the more ideas we have, the better we can make our workplace.”

His expertise in many fields has been a significant help to many GRS shops. He appreciates the opportunity to work with various facilities in new locations: “Greenbrier gives us the chance to work and train with lots of different types of people. When we work together, we can use all of our various experiences to learn and be the best that we can be.”

Carlos also demonstrates Greenbrier’s core value of “Respect for People” by ensuring all his interactions are considerate and thoughtful: “It’s important to communicate if people are doing something incorrectly, so they have a chance to do it right. It is equally important to be respectful and treat everyone the same, no matter who they are.” Similarly, Carlos finds it essential to foster IDEAL in the workplace because it demonstrates that we work better as a team than individuals. “We have to be in a place where people feel free to express their ideas and have them listened to so we can learn and build our own experience to share with the next group of new employees and help them to do the same.”

Joe Fate, Plant Manager said, “Carlos comes in every day with an amazing attitude. He’s always helping others and has a great outlook on life in general. Carlos was also the recipient of last month’s Safety Initiative prize, for which he was nominated for the excellent job he did training our newest teammate. Some of the greatest leaders are working right here alongside us!”