Greenbrier Celebrates Earth Day


Wed, Apr 22, 2020 06:00 AM


Did you know a single freight train can carry the load of several hundred semi-trucks? Every year, freight railroads remove more than 122 million truckloads from U.S. roads, decreasing traffic congestion and reducing highway infrastructure wear and tear[1]. In addition to clearing highways, moving freight by rail minimizes the release of carbon and improves overall community health[2]. Despite the rail industry's roots stemming back hundreds of years – long before the first "Earth Day" – freight rail transportation remains among the most efficient and environmentally friendly forms of moving goods today.

Miles traveled per ton of freight

In honor of Greenbrier's commitment to sustainability every day of the year, we launched our first Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report in 2019. ESG reports have become an increasing trend as businesses look to communicate contributions beyond financial results. As often stated by Greenbrier CEO and Chairman, Bill Furman, a company’s value is based on much more than numbers. Many stakeholders and financial investors expect businesses to align with the communities where they operate. It is also understood that companies have a greater chance of long-term success when they embrace purpose and consider the needs of a broad range of stakeholders, such as product safety, gender diversity, income equality and environmental sustainability[3].

Our values highlighted in the 2019 ESG Report include:

  1. Putting People First: Greenbrier's commitment to employee health and safety, quality and safety certifications, diversity practices, equal employment opportunities and talent development initiatives.
  2. Advancing Sustainability: Rail and barge are among the most fuel-efficient modes of freight transportation. In recent years, Greenbrier has introduced sustainable designs, including the reduction of tare weight and implementing articulation in more of its product offerings.
  3. Leading the Freight Transportation Industry: Highlights Greenbrier's participation in trade associations, industry-led safety coalitions, campaign development and management and product innovation efforts.
  4. Contributing to Our Communities: Focuses on Greenbrier's charitable giving efforts, worldwide volunteer action and employee donation matching campaigns.

Greenbrier is proud to sustainably build the freight railcars and marine barges that move what matters and brings communities together.

Planting native species v3

Pictured: Greenbrier employees planting native species (2019 Earth Day)


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