Sharing Our Story with Manufacturing Matters Oregon


Fri, Dec 27, 2019 10:00 AM


While Greenbrier may be an international company that powers economies around the world, we’re proud of our Oregon heritage. Over the past 100 years in Portland, we’ve built more than railcars and barges—we’ve built a community.

No one knows the impact that manufacturing has on the local level better than Linda Wechsler, host of the podcast Manufacturing Matters Oregon. The show goes behind the scenes and down to the shop floor of manufacturers across the state. We recently sat down with Linda and Manufacturing Matters to discuss all things Greenbrier.


President and COO, Lorie Tekorius shared our history, how our values haven’t changed since we started and how we’ve innovated and adapted to meet the needs of the market. She also gave a deeper backstory on some of the lesser-known products we’ve built, like our 1955 File-A-Way Parking Machine.

Becky Farmer, Director of Customer Experience, gave a glimpse into what it was like to work in Greenbrier’s humble headquarters of 1985, sharing an office that doubled as a dining room.


We also hear from Rail Foreman, Tom Halverson, and Marine Production Manager, Walt Stockman, who talked about the diversity and strength of our teams on the floor and what they’re building in Portland. On top of that, they debunk a few manufacturing myths.


Learn more about Greenbrier and listen to our episode of Manufacturing Matters Oregon, now available wherever you find your podcasts!