Rail Logistics

Rail logistics is a complicated business and Greenbrier is here to help. Whether you need comprehensive logistical oversight or an efficient tool to monitor your North America rail fleet, we have a solution to fit your needs.

Greenbrier Logistics (GBL)

Greenbrier Logistics is more than just a software vendor. We are your partner in fleet management. When you choose Greenbrier Logistics, your goals become our goals, and we work hard at helping you succeed. We aim to be the tactical arm of your logistics group, allowing you to focus on strategy by pushing tasks to our experience team.

Greenbrier Logistics is internally managed and supported by a dedicated team with over 50 years combined logistics experience. We are strategically located in The Greenbrier Companies headquarters in Lake Oswego, Oregon, home to some of the most experienced rail professionals in the industry.

Our office is fully staffed from 8am-6pm CST, but we know that trains don’t stop after business hours, so we are equipped to handle after-hours tasks as well. We utilize an award-winning ticket system to track emails and requests. This ticket system confirms the receipt of your issue and helps us make sure that we are actively solving your problems in the order you want them prioritized. Of course, our professional staff is also available by phone when circumstances require it.


Exception Monitoring

Our team manages your fleet by exception, meaning we are able to filter specifically for cars that might be potential problems.

A few of the potential issues we filter for:

  • Bad Orders
  • Stationary/delayed cars
  • Off-route cars
  • Hold CLM's

We do more than simply monitor and report the status of your shipments.  We actively support your team by providing custom reporting along with weekly, monthly and quarterly reviews.  We learn your business and suggest action on items that need attention or could improve your rail supply chain.

Fleet Visibility

If you do not need the level of service provided by our full-service logistics team, we also offer our fleet logistics platform, Envizion, as a standalone rail transportation management solution.

Envizion is a robust rail logistics software solution designed to manage your fleet, generate reports, and highlight potential problems. Envizion is web-based and mobile friendly, so you can check on your fleet anywhere you have an internet connection.

  • Dynamic ETA calculation
  • Near real-time mapping with projected routes
  • Exception reporting alerts you to potential problems as they happen
  • Automatic reporting
  • Integrated mapping with projected routes
  • Free-runner car integration
  • Railcar billing
  • Standard set of rail logistics reports
    • Fleet turn times
    • Active demurrage/dwell monitoring
    • Pipeline reports
    • Unit train reports
    • Financial linehaul, FSC, demurrage, and detention reporting

Established Transition Process

Our experienced team has an established on-boarding process to ensure that new customers are up and running quickly and smoothly.

  • Historical data import from other logistic software providers
  • Custom solutions to meet your business needs out-of-the-box
  • Data procurement management and troubleshooting
  • ERP integration in/out

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