Rail Technical Services

Greenbrier Rail Technical Services Program

Ensuring asset integrity and reliability requires a skilled workforce to ensure that equipment is properly designed and manufactured according to specified requirements, and remains fit-for-service over a specified lifetime. Consistently achieving a high level of human performance to specified laws, regulations, standards, specifications, and procedures provides confidence in the desired outcomes. Training must ensure that the workforce understands required performance levels, and can apply lessons learned in practical situations. These are the domains of our rail technical services program.

Training and Performance

Greenbrier’s training and performance element focuses on the management of process knowledge information, such as engineering diagrams, technical documents, standard operating procedures and training materials. Accurate, understandable, and retrievable process knowledge by employees who are responsible for implementation helps ensure that all necessary steps within a process are completed to meet specified requirements. In addition to process knowledge, developing necessary skills of the workforce to properly execute the instructions contained therein provides assurance that the work conforms to specified requirements.

Rail Technical Services Expertise

Needing assistance? Lean on Greenbrier’s extensive knowledge bank of professions within the engineering, nondestructive testing, quality, regulatory and welding fields. Greenbrier offers on-site and web-based training to ensure that your workforce remains proficient in executing each specified requirement.

We offer technical services in the following areas:

  • Railcar inspection
  • Railcar repair
  • Nondestructive testing
  • Quality assurance
  • Welding operations

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