Railcar Reliability and Maintenance Data Services

Railcar Reliability and Maintenance (RM) Data Collection and Analysis

Federal regulations require tank car owners to develop and provide tank car facilities with a copy of, or access to, their “Tank Car Qualification and Maintenance Program.” This program must define where to inspect, how to inspect, and what is acceptable. The federal regulations also require each tank car owner to provide surveillance activities at repair shops that perform work under the owner’s plan.  Greenbrier offers such a program to help car owners and managers with Railcar Reliability and Maintenance.

Greenbrier offers a maintenance program tailored to the federal regulations, industry standards, and car owner instructions. The work instructions in our program identify when to inspect, where to inspect, how to inspect, what conditions are acceptable, and how to handle unacceptable conditions. The work instructions help ensure that the final product conforms to the federal regulations, industry rules and standards, and your company’s product specifications.

Greenbrier’s RM Program

Features include:

  • Use of Greenbrier’s reliability and maintenance work instructions
  • Use of Greenbrier’s inspection and test forms to record the results
  • Use of Greenbrier’s electronic reliability and maintenance data software platform (includes the ability for a tank car facility or owner to upload completed inspection and test records into the software platform)
  • Access to records and data within the system
  • The ability to perform, or to have Greenbrier perform, periodic service reliability assessments to manage equipment health and to support the federal inspection and test intervals
  • Greenbrier will batch upload tank car inspection and test data into the industry’s TCID system

The above steps follow common protocols in maintenance data collection and reliability prediction. The following chart identifies the process steps in Greenbrier’s Reliability and Maintenance Program. By following these steps, Greenbrier and the car owner can help optimize the timing of equipment inspections, improve decision-making, reduce catastrophic failures and environmental damage, provide effective bench-marking and trend performance, and improve asset up-time.

To help ensure that the tank car inspections and data collection activities are effective, Greenbrier can perform audit activities at a contract shop against the requirements of the Association of American Railroads’ Manual of Standards and Recommended Practices, the AAR Field Manual of the AAR Interchange Rules, and your company’s requirements to verify compliance. These audits are beneficial in determining areas in need of improvement and to help reduce the potential for non-conforming cars entering the general railroad system of transportation.

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