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Owning, operating, leasing, repairing and/or offering a railcar into transportation doesn’t have to be a complicated business.

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Greenbrier Management Services, and its parent, Greenbrier Companies, provides professional leadership in the design, development, manufacture, maintenance, and repair of all types of railroad rolling stock. As one of North America’s largest car builders, Greenbrier employs well-known and globally respected experts in the transportation field. The group maintains academic and nationally accredited credentials in rail car engineering, inspection, welding, weld engineering, coating systems, non-destructive testing, and quality assurance.

GMS is a member of the Railway Supply Institute (“RSI”) and an associate member of the Association of American Railroads (“AAR”). GMS through the RSI, has a voting seat on the AAR’s Tank Car Committee, and we actively participate in both the executive and subcommittee sessions. GMS also maintains membership in the “Chlorine Institute” (“CI”), the “Sulphur Institute,” the “American Society of Quality,” “American Society for Non-destructive Testing,” “American Welding Society,” “Mechanical Association Rail Technical Services” (Board Member), and “NACE International” (i.e., National Association of Corrosion Engineers). These associations and businesses help ensure that GMS and our customers remain focused and informed of any upcoming regulatory or industry change that may affect your rail fleet operations.

Railcar Management Service Offerings:

Owning, operating, leasing, repairing or offering a railcar into transportation is a complicated business, and our expert engineering and regulatory services team provides answers and solutions in the following areas:

  • Repair and retrofit design
  • Railcar Repair Programs and Oversight
  • Tank Car Qualification and Maintenance Programs (49 CFR Subpart F of Part 180)
  • Tank Car Inspection and Test Data Collection Systems and Reliability Performance Analysis
  • Quality Assurance Program Development and Oversight
  • Nondestructive Testing Program Development, Oversight, and ASNT Level III Retainer Services
  • Regulatory Counsel and Policy Advocacy
  • Government Claims Mitigation
  • Expert Witness in Railroad-Related Claims Litigation

Because our business was originally built with Greenbrier's diverse car owner and lessor responsibilities in mind, we have broad expertise to cover nearly any engineering, regulatory compliance, or railcar management service.

Integrated Solutions:

Finally, as one of The Greenbrier Companies, GMS is able to bundle products and services from across our organization to provide a comprehensive solution, not just a product. For example, GMS has the ability to combine GBW's railcar repair network and Greenbrier Rail Services' wheel supply with our own railcar engineering, regulatory, and management service offerings for a customized and truly integrated solution. As a result, our customers are able to achieve better managed costs and increased uptime for their fleets.

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