Flatcar on tracks

89′ Heavy-Duty Flatcar

This 89’-4” flatcar is equipped with a flat steel floor, stake pockets, fixed winches, lading anchors, and chain tie-down channels. Trucks have 110-ton nominal capacity, allowing this railcar optimal use in heavy industrial applications. This car can be configured with wood risers or chains based on customer requirements.

89 FT. Heavy-Duty Flatcar technical drawing.


Length, Inside 89′-4″
Length, Over Couplers 94′-8″
Height, Rail to Loading Deck 3′-7.625″
Width, Inside 8′-4″
Width, Loading Dock 9′-3″
Clearance AAR Plate C


Light Weight 83,000 lbs
Load Limit/Capacity 203,000 lbs
Gross Rail Load 286,000 lbs

Curve Negotiability Radius

Uncoupled 180′
Coupled to Base Car 345′
Coupled to Like Car 239′

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