Railcars & Services

The Greenbrier Companies can trace its roots to a 1919 steel fabricator company in Portland, OR. Since then, we’ve evolved to become a global leader in transportation manufacturing and freight services.

Railcar Maintenance, Wheels & Parts

We have one of the largest railcar repair and service networks in North America to keep your fleet—and productivity—on track.

Railcar Management Solutions

We focus on the freight rail transport industry so you don’t have to. Our railcar management solutions simplifies:

  • Rail logistics
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Fleet management and repairs
  • Fleet accounting 
  • And more


A new technology platform that will provide real-time data via GPS and other telematics across the North American railcar fleet.

Virtual Sample Railcar™

This service gives you access to your sample railcar remotely in the convenience of your own conference room, while reducing your travel time and cost.

Need Help?

Let us know if you need finding or installing parts or scheduling a maintenance service. We have experts ready to help.