We Are A Leading Sustainable Conversions™ Solutions Provider

Our sustainable conversions are an efficient, environmentally sustainable and cost-saving option for railcar owners looking to diversify and optimize their fleets.

Sustainable Conversions™ You Can Trust

We offer rebody and stretch programs that can convert your existing covered hopper fleets into other service and are often able to re-use many existing components to reduce the overall cost.

5400 Covered Hopper
Covered Hopper Railcars
  • Rebody and stretch into larger hoppers for other commodity service (e.g., DDG, potash, sugar and grain)
Auto rack services
Auto Carrier Railcars
  • Auto-Max® deck conversion for transit van deck service
  • Auto rack re-racking to meet specific needs of Bi- or Tri-level service
205,000 Gallon Tank Car
Tank Cars
  • Retrofit to DOT117R
  • Conversions for other commodity service

Greenbrier offers custom solutions to meet your needs:

  • Rebody
  • Conversion
  • Recertification
  • Stretch/cut-down
  • Retrofit
Introducing the Auto-Max® Transit Van Deck Conversion

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