Our IDEAL Commitment

At Greenbrier, we know that diversity, equity and inclusion paves the way to long-term success. Diversity of thought, interests and cultural backgrounds creates the foundation for meaningful and lasting organizational change.

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From the highest levels of the company, it is an area where we must continue to advance. This perspective informs our IDEAL commitment:


We strive for people to feel safe, respected, engaged, motivated and valued for who they are and for their contributions toward our success.


We value the entire spectrum of human similarities and differences, including the variety of perspectives our people bring to work.


We expect the fair and respectful treatment of all people. This means identifying and eliminating unfair biases, stereotypes or barriers to enhance employment and advancement opportunities.


We create processes with multiple entry points to ensure equal access to resources and opportunities.


Our leaders are dedicated to fostering IDEAL. This includes talent development and thought leadership activities that advance our organizational commitment to this work.

IDEAL is not an initiative, campaign or project with an end date or a finish line.

IDEAL is an ongoing commitment to foster an inclusive and equitable workplace—one where people feel a sense of belonging.

Through IDEAL, Greenbrier will continue to drive practices that serve our business, our employees, our customers, our shareholders and the communities where we operate.

Our Culture

IDEAL builds a corporate culture that:

  • Honors our differences and provides an inviting and supportive workplace
  • Fosters an environment that’s attractive to prospective employees
  • Improves operational performance and optimizes financial and business results
  • Nurtures creativity, innovation and a variety of perspectives that leave employees feeling good about the company—and engaged in producing their best work
  • Instills a passion that’s shared throughout the company
  • Enhances our corporate reputation and opens opportunities to work with customers who prioritize IDEAL-focused suppliers for new business awards

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Our Employee Resource Groups

As a part of our IDEAL commitment, our ERGs foster camaraderie and allyship among all employees regardless of their backgrounds and identities. Greenbrier’s ERGs provide opportunities for employees to network, participate in mentorship programs and get to know colleagues across the organization.

African American ERG icon

African American

Emerging Leaders ERG

Emerging Leaders

GBX Vets icon

GBX Vets

GBXcels Women's Leadership icon

GBXcels Women’s Leadership

Hispanic ERG icon


Mental Wellbeing ERG icon

Mental Well-Being

Second Chance ERG Logo

Second Chance

True Colors LGBT+ and Allies icon

True Colors LGBT+and Allies