VSR Tank Car Top View

Virtual Sample Railcar™

The Greenbrier Companies has developed the award-winning Virtual Sample Railcar™ (VSR), remotely bringing you into the plant to inspect the quality of a sample railcar from the convenience of your own conference room. Designed around optimizing our customers’ experience, this service gives you full access to your sample railcar while reducing your travel time and cost.

RailAge Magazine: The Greenbrier Companies Virtual Sample Railcar™

Featured in Railway Age April 2023 issue

Delivering A Better Way To See Your Railcar

VSR gives you all the information and details needed to make a decision.

Greenbrier: Virtual Sample Railcar

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  • Canadian Association of Railway Suppliers (CARS) 2020 Innovation Award
  • American Marketing Association, Portland (AMA PDX) 2021 Pivot of the Year Award
  • Progressive Railroading 2021 Reader’s Choice Award for New Product
  • Nominated for Manufacturing Leadership Awards for Collaborative Ecosystems (finalists will be recognized at the Manufacturing Leadership Awards Gala on June 28)

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