Railcar Leasing

Greenbrier Leasing Company LLC (GLC) owns and manages one of the largest railcar leasing fleets in North America.

Railcar Leasing Expertise:

At GLC, our expert team of freight rail professionals has vast railcar leasing experience and knowledge about:

  • Remarketing and lease contract negation
  • Lease administration
  • Mechanical and technical expertise

Railcar Types:

GLC proudly owns and manages numerous car types which serve a multitude of market segments vital to the industries and economies of North America, including:

  • Small Cube Covered Hoppers: cement, sand
  • Mid Cube Covered Hoppers: grain, fertilizer
  • Large Cube Covered Hoppers: plastic pellets, DDG
  • AAR 211 Tank Cars: vegetable oils and unregulated commodities
  • DOT 111 Tank Cars: non-flammable chemicals
  • DOT 117 Tank Cars: flammable and hazardous products
  • Pressure Tank Cars: liquefied petroleum gas
  • Boxcars: paper, appliances, pulp, forest products and panel products
  • Gondolas: scrap metal, copper concentrate
  • Intermodal Cars: containers, trailers
  • Auto Racks and Automax
  • Centerbeams

GLC acquires the majority of its railcars via new production from one of Greenbrier Manufacturing’s world class production facilities. However, GLC has been and will continue to be opportunistic when acquiring cars through the secondary market

Railcar Leasing Structures:

In order to better serve the specific needs of our customers, GLC has been offering the following types of competitive railcar leasing structures for more than 20 years:

  • Full-Service Lease: Among many items included are maintenance and administrative responsibilities.
  • Net Lease: These are available for lessees who prefer to manage their own maintenance.
  • Purchase – Leasebacks: GLC will purchase cars from your fleet and lease them back in either a full-service or net lease.
  • Like-Kind Exchange: GLC is always open for a trade especially when the outcome benefits both parties.
  • Per Diem Lease: These are popular among our lessees of boxcars and grain cars because they are based on hourly usage and mileage.

Integrated Business Benefits:

Because GLC is a member of The Greenbrier Companies, we maintain priority access to an unrivaled suite of integrated railcar products and services. In addition to railcar leasing, we have 8 railcar service shops in North America, industry-leading wheels and parts supply networks (Greenbrier Rail Services), an extremely sophisticated and comprehensive railcar management solutions provider (GMS Railcar Management), and multiple world-class freight railcar manufacturing facilities (Greenbrier Manufacturing).

As a result, we pass many of the financial and operational benefits Greenbrier's integrated business model along to maximize railcar leasing value for our customers.