Delivering a Better Way to See Your Railcar



When Greenbrier began developing its Virtual Sample Railcar™ (VSR) over two years ago, we never could have foreseen today’s environment. Since March, we’ve transitioned all of our sample railcar events to the VSR format—protecting the safety of our employees, customers and communities.

So, what is the Virtual Sample Railcar™?

The Virtual Sample Railcar™ presentation gives our customers the ability to fully inspect their railcars remotely, from start to finish, inside and out.

How long does it take?

What would take several days of flights, security and lodging now takes about an hour, and can be done from the comfort of any office or conference room with internet connectivity. VSR provides all the information and details one needs to make a decision, while safely saving time and money.

What will I see?

Our state-of-the-art VSR features ultra-high-definition images and 360-degree views that allow a customer to zoom in and inspect every last product detail—right down to the welds.

During a final, live-stream inspection from the factory buy-off area, buyers interact in real-time with product specialists and engineers and can see valves, gates and hatches in operation as well as key components being measured and tested.

How detailed are the images?

Prior to a VSR event, our customers will receive a link to their very own landing page—complete with extremely high-resolution Gigapixel photos. Here is an example »

Is this a temporary measure related to COVID-19?

No, Greenbrier is confident in the presentation quality and envisions VSR as a time and cost-saving alternative for customers in the future, even after travel restrictions are lifted.

What if I want to see something specific?

Just ask! This is a real inspection and you direct it. Interested in a specific component? Our on-site team will showcase that during the live-stream and provide any necessary measurements.

What else does VSR review?

In addition to seeing your sample railcar, we’ll also take you on a brief tour of the facility through a live narrated “walk the line” video and review your sample railcar book. You’ll receive all the information you need.

May I see a sample?

Sure! Watch this video. It includes a clip from a real VSR.

Still have questions?