Auto-Max® Bi-Level Deck Conversion

Auto-Max® Bi-Level Deck Conversion

Greenbrier is able to convert standard tri-level Auto-Max® auto carrier railcars to bi-level service. This sustainable conversion suits the safe transport of Ford Transit vans on the B-deck (114″) and F-150 pick-up trucks on the A-deck (80″). If applicable, this railcar can handle vehicles up to 7,500 lbs. to accommodate electric vehicles.

Auto-Max Bi-Level Deck Conversion drawing


Length of Two Car Unit, Inside 141′-3 1/4″
Length of Two Car Unit, Over Couplers 145′-.4″
Truck Centers 64′
Door Opening, Width 8′-5″
Width, Inside 9′-3 1/2″
Width, Extreme 10′-8″
Height, Extreme 20′-2″
A Deck 80″
B Deck 114″
Clearance AAR Plate K


Light Weight 150,000 lbs
Gross Rail Load 260,000 lbs
Capacity/Load Limit 110,000 lbs

Curve Negotiability Radius

Uncoupled Horizontal 180′
Uncoupled Vertical 1,250′
Coupled to Like Car 245′
Coupled to 40′ Base Car 299′

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