4751 Covered Hopper Sustainable Conversion

This 4,751 cu. ft. covered hopper is a modification to an existing 3,250 cu. ft. covered hopper. It has been designed and built in accordance with drawings as specified in the AAR Specifications for Design, Fabrication and Construction of Freight Cars, M-1001. An optional trough (24” x 43’-8”) is available.

Greenbrier’s sustainable conversion covered hoppers are useful for railcar owners looking to maximize their fleet for a different commodity service, including DDG, potash, sugar and grain.

4751 CU. FT. Covered Hopper Sustainable Conversion technical drawing.


Length, Inside 50′-9.25″
Length, Over Couplers 56′-.5″
Door Opening, Width N/A
Width, Inside N/A
Width, Extreme 10′-8″
Height, Top of Rail to Threshold N/A
Height, Inside N/A
Height, Extreme 15′-6″
Clearance AAR Plate C


Light Weight 61,900 lbs
Load Limit 224,100 lbs
Gross Rail Load 286,000 lbs
Capacity 4,751 cu. ft.

Curve Negotiability Radius

Uncoupled 150′
Coupled to Base Car 189′
Coupled to Like Car 191′

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