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Designed with extensive input from major railroads, Multi-Max™ is The Greenbrier Companies newest automotive railcar offering. Similar to the Auto-Max II® design, this proprietary rack features adjustable decks for both bi- and tri-level service without adding or removing decks. New design enhancements allow for deck adjustments to now be completed on site at loading locations, saving automotive shippers time and money. In addition to streamlined deck adjustments, this unit is built as a standalone rack that can be installed on existing 89’ low-profile flat cars, requiring significantly less up-front investment for fleet owners. Railroads no longer will have to place bets on which rack type will be needed to meet the flexible requirements of nimble modern automobile production. The Multi-Max™ rack is fully compatible with the existing bi-level and tri-level fleet and comes equipped with our patented door design that greatly reduces incidence of theft and vandalism by restricting access to the railcar interior and roof.

Deck Adjustments

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Door Operation

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