Tsunami Hatch™ Automated Cover

Tsunami Hatch™ Automated Cover

The Greenbrier Companies and Shur-Co are proud to introduce the Tsunami Hatch™ automated cover. This innovative system eliminates the need for loading personnel to climb a covered hopper before, during or after loadings. This pivotal change drastically improves worker safety and terminal efficiency, increasing rail’s competitiveness with trucking.

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Introducing the Tsunami Hatch™

Tsunami Hatch™ an Innovative System

Tsunami Hatch™ by Greenbrier & Shur-Co.


  • Tsunami Hatch is a lightweight and flexible automated trough hatch cover with a unique one-piece seal.
  • The proprietary material exceeds S-2037 standards for durability, UV stability and weathering requirements.
  • It also exceeds S-2037 “Dollar Bill” gasket compression, penetration, flexure, fatigue, obstructed closure and gasket securement requirements.

Tsunami Hatch™ is available on new, Greenbrier-built covered hoppers or as an aftermarket part that may be installed on retrofitted hoppers utilizing existing hinge brackets. Want to learn more?