Video: All Aboard for a Cure Barge Launch


Mon, Jun 19, 2017 11:09 AM


Earlier this month Greenbrier was privileged to finish building and launch ‘All Aboard for a Cure’ – A double hull tank barge for Harley Marine (Seattle, WA).


Length overall: 428’ 3”
Beam 76’ 8”
Depth 27’
Capacity 81,900


Harley Franco, CEO of Harley Marine Services, is a strong supporter of JDRF Diabetes (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).

The name of the barge refers to finding a cure for Juvenile Diabetes; and is also the name of a fund raiser held in Seattle that raised a record 3+ million dollars for the cause.

The Sponsors of the barge, (Joel & Maureen Benoliel), are fellow philanthropists from Seattle, and major backers of JDRF.

Harley names many of their vessels for charitable causes – and continues to raise money for those charities by donating rides and visits on-board the working vessel to auction off at fundraising events.

‘All Aboard for a Cure’ is the LONGEST barge name in Greenbrier's history

This barge joins her identical sibling, ‘OneDREAM’ launched at Greenbrier's Gunderson plant in early February. Her name also referring to a cure of JDRF.