Tilt Flatcar™

The 89’-4” Tilt Flatcar™ is a revolutionary railcar designed to address the logistical challenges of transporting wide plates up to 14’-3. Featuring a flat steel floor and a fixed steel structure, it enables horizontal loading and tilting to meet AAR Plate C standards. Departing from conventional hydraulic systems, the railcar utilizes an innovative screw jack mechanism inspired by garage jacks for its tilting function. To overcome longitudinal impact challenges, it incorporates a pioneering tent structure that distributes load forces, ensuring rigidity and strength without the need for a traditional bulkhead. Developed with AKB, this innovative design sets a new standard for transporting oversized cargo. 


Length, Over End Sills 89’-4”
Length, Over Couplers 94’-8”
Width, Center, Frame in Transport Position 9’-2 5/8”
Width, Loading Dock 12’-5 5/8”
Height, Rail to Loading Deck 14’-6 3/4”
Clearance AAR Plate C


Light Weight 88,200 lbs.
Capacity/Load Limit 197,800 lbs.
Gross Rail Load 286,000 lbs.

Curve Negotiability Radius

Uncoupled 180′
Coupled to Base Car 345′
Coupled to Like Car 239′

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