Making Waves With Our New Tsunami Gate


Fri, Nov 8, 2019 07:00 AM


Since their innovation, covered hopper railcars have generally maintained their familiar design. While they’ve evolved in capacity and reliability, their defining slanted chutes haven’t changed. Now, Greenbrier is reimagining the future of hoppers with our new Tsunami Gate™, and we’re putting our customers at the center of our design inspiration.

Teams of engineers and innovators created an automated gate system that not only improves worker safety, it controls unloading flow as well. The revolutionary gate allows for a completely customized discharge speeds, which can be as quick as 30 seconds.


Made specifically to haul grain, our new covered hopper is designed with 5,185 cubic feet of capacity and a shorter overall length, coming in at 50’ 6”. The result is a higher capacity, less fuel consumption, a reduction in drag by 53% and lower operating costs for our customers.


Greenbrier introduced the Tsunami Gate™ at the 2019 Railway Interchange in Minneapolis, MN, where it received praise from shippers and industry professionals alike. We gave convention goers the chance to experience the gate firsthand through virtual reality (VR).

The Greenbrier Companies are a leading supplier of freight transportation equipment and services that power global markets. Our customers include all Class I railroads, short-line railroads, shippers and leasing companies—partners who depend on us for innovative design, quality production and on-time delivery.


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