The Greenbrier Family Celebrates Father's Day


Thu, Jun 17, 2021 04:45 PM


Greenbrier wishes you a Happy Father’s Day!

This year, we found a number of fathers and their daughters or sons who work at Greenbrier. We asked each group, “What is it like working at the same place as your dad/son/daughter?” Below are some responses:


Keith Motter (Environmental, Health and Safety Director) and his son, Mason (Switchman)

Greenbrier Rail Services

“Working with my son years after he has moved out on his own is like he’s back home again, we get to see each other on a regular basis even if it is just in passing. I get to check in on him to see if everything is going ok (and report back to his mom) without having to be the nagging dad that always calls to make sure everything is ok.”

“Working at the same place as my dad helps give work more of an at-home feeling and a higher appreciation for Greenbrier knowing that they not only help me provide for my household but my dad’s as well.”


Thomas Friar (Manufacturing Operations Manager) and his daughter, Brandy Blazer (Sprayer Exterior Lead)

Greenbrier Marmaduke

Thomas and Brandy are a great support system for one another. Brandy shared her reason for applying to Greenbrier. “My dad got me started with this company. He knew exactly what I needed to support my daughter. It’s a great feeling to be able to share your successes with your dad and for him to know what it took to get there. I am able to bounce ideas off of him and he helps make them successful. I look up to my dad and following his footsteps is something I’m proud of.”


Donald Busby (Welder) and his son, Ray (Welder 2 Lead)

Greenbrier Paragould

Donald and Ray enjoy working together and keep each other accountable. Donald’s favorite part of working with Ray is, “keeping an eye on him.” Ray has learned many life lessons from his father: “Work is nothing to take for granted. A huge part of it is the work ethic and I continue to get that from working alongside my dad. One thing he taught me is that the early bird gets the worm. Get up early, be prepared, get to work early and don’t rush in. This has also helped me in other aspects of my life.”


Jimmy Holland (QC Visual Inspector Lead) and his son, Zack (Wheel & Axle Operator)

Greenbrier Paragould

Jimmy and Zack proudly work together. Jimmy’s favorite part is, “knowing Zack is in a safe work environment and getting to see him more than if he worked elsewhere.” Zack simply appreciates seeing his dad frequently.


Jeff Crane (Level 2 Foundry Operator) and his son, Clint Thacker (Level 2 Foundry Operator)

Greenbrier Corbitt

Jeff’s favorite part of working with his son is threefold: carpooling, having someone around to talk to and watching Clint learn and expand his skills. Clint’s favorite part about working with his father is getting free lunches and rides to work.


Michael Turpin (Car Repair Specialist) and his son, Alex (Welder 1 Lead)

Greenbrier Paragould

To Michael, the best part about working with his son, Alex is being able to keep an eye on him and driving together to work: “I’m proud of my son. He’s a hard worker and a good man.” Alex responded with, “We get to spend more time together. It makes me want to work harder and produce the best quality work I can to make my father proud. Plus, it saves me gas money!”


Sean Rouse (Weld Engineering) and his son, Austin (Welder)

Greenbrier Paragould

Sean loves working with his son because he is comforted knowing he is working every day and learning how to weld. Welding is a useful trade that can be used anywhere. Austin, Sean’s son likes seeing his dad more frequently.


William McGee (Utility Worker) and his son, Kevin (Superintendent Of Production)

Greenbrier Paragould

William appreciates seeing his son every day at work. Kevin feels similarly and added that his work presence “gives him [William] a goal and keeps him going.”


Joe Wolfe (Security Guard) and his son, Chris (Welder)

Greenbrier Gunderson


Thank you to all of the great fathers at Greenbrier and outside the company!


Do we spot some future Greenbrier employees?


Drae Vongsoury (QA Foreman) and his son, Trent

Greenbrier Gunderson


Oscar Carlson (QA Manager) and his daughter, Anna

Greenbrier Gunderson