25390 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank Car

23,500 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank Car

This 23,500 gallon stainless tank car meets DOT 111A100W6 specifications and is designed to transport non-flammable liquids while ensuring product purity. Various options for loading/unloading valve configurations are available depending on the service requirements.

23,500 Stainless Tank Car


Length, Over Truck Centers 42′-1.375″
Height, Extreme 15′-0.75″
Width, Extreme 10′-6.625″
Tank, Inside Diameter 9′-1.1875″
Length, Over Pulling Faces 55′-7.125″
Clearance AAR Plate B


Light Weight 77,400 lbs
Load Limit 208,600 lbs
Gross Rail Load 286,000 lbs
Capacity 23,500 gal

Curve Negotiability Radius

Uncoupled 150′
Coupled to Base Car 199′
Coupled to Like Car 201′

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