Engineering Services

Greenbrier is a leading railcar provider with industry-leading engineering expertise.

Engineering Expertise

Global Industry Oversight

Representation on 35+ committees
Rulemaking participation

North America


South America

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The Benefits

Greenbrier’s engineering excellence extends past the creation of new railcars, and impacts the entire lifespan of a railcar.

  • Greenbriers’ participation in regulatory committees allows for faster modification development
  • Any customer can access Greenbrier’s engineering solutions, even for railcars not built or managed by Greenbrier
  • Greenbrier’s Sustainable Conversions™ are an efficient, environmentally sustainable and cost-savings option for railcar owners looking to diversify and optimize their fleets

Need Help?

Looking for railcars or services that can be customized to fit your specific transportation needs? Our team of experts is standing by ready to help.