13900 Gallon Sulfuric Acid Tank Car

33,600 Gallon LPG Tank Car

This 33,600 gallon tank car is specifically designed for LPG (liquefied petroleum gas). The tank is built with 5/8″ thick normalized steel covering with a ceramic fiber thermal protection system. This tank car provides the shipper and receiver with the highest quality railcar in the industry.


Length, Over Pulling Faces 65′-8.5″
Length, Over Truck Centers 52′-2.75″
Width, Extreme 10′-1.5″
Height, Extreme 15′-4.875″
Tank, Outside Diameter 60′-4.875″
Tank, Diameter Inside 9′-10.75″
Clearance AAR Plate C


Light Weight 100,000 lbs
Load Limit 163,000 lbs
Gross Rail Load 263,000 lbs
Capacity 32,928 gal

Curve Negotiability Radius

Uncoupled 180′
Coupled to Base Car 244′
Coupled to Like Car 241′

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