52 FT. Mill Gondola

52′ Mill Gondola

Greenbrier has designed a rugged mill gondola product line for the steel industry and other heavy-duty applications. The 52’-6” gondola design features a tubular top chord with a 3/8 inch thick floor with pinned connections between the sides and ends of the railcar to provide extra strength and flexibility to resist damage. The railcar is used for the transport of scrap steel, iron or steel plate, and other related products. The side height can be manufactured to customer specifications.

52 FT. Mill Gondola technical drawing.


Length, Inside 52′-6″
Length, Over Couplers 57′-9.5″
Height, Top of Rail to Threshold 2′-10.5″
Width, Inside 9′-8″
Width, Extreme 10′-6.75″
Height, Inside 5′-6″
Height, Extreme 9′-1.8125″
Clearance AAR Plate C, C-1


Light Weight 68,300 lbs
Load Limit 217,700 lbs
Gross Rail Load 286,000 lbs
Capacity 2,791 cu. ft.

Curve Negotiability Radius

Uncoupled 150′
Coupled to Base Car 216′
Coupled to Like Car 218′

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