“With a Little Help from My Friends”: International Day of Friendship



According to the Gallup’s latest State of the Global Workplace Report, the average American worker will spend more than 81,000 hours at work. That’s about nine years, ample time to create and grow a community.

But only 20% of American adults say they have a best friend at work. With as much time as we spend on the clock, why isn’t that number higher?

Having a best friend at work benefits workers and even their employers. By sharing experiences, celebrating successes and working together through setbacks, employees can bond and sharpen themselves in the workplace. Friendships and supportive relationships with coworkers can also boost productivity. Friends can motivate each other, give constructive feedback and offer a helping hand when asking for it seems daunting. When workloads get heavy, a best friend at work is someone to whom we can feel accountable. As a result, it makes going the extra mile for them a little easier.

I enjoy having many friendships and acquaintances at work. I try my best each and every day to bring a smile to a coworker’s face and if I can make that person have a better day by only lending a welcome ear or a kind word then it is a good day. Through quality work and safe practices and a little smile once in a while, we can make each day brighter.

Tom Hart
Group Leader in The Quality Assurance team

Having a close friend at work is also linked to job satisfaction, positive work environments and reduced turnover. It’s also linked to a lower risk of burnout and better mental health, among other benefits.

Gallup’s latest findings also show that since the start of the pandemic, having a best friend at work can have an effect on workers’ likelihood to refer their company to others looking for work, as well as a possible intent to leave.

Best friends at work benefit companies because they’re more than the sum of their parts. Having an authentic and supportive relationship with colleagues plays a crucial role in employees navigating changes and challenges at all levels of work.

As part of Greenbrier’s IDEAL Commitment, we encourage employees to collaborate and network across the organization through team building, Employee Resource Groups and other channels. It is essential for our employee workforce to feel included, connected and safe to be themselves, forming interpersonal relationships with their team members.

These are my friends that make coming to work better each day!

Tia Bland
Group Inspector, The Quality Assurance team

Adriana Smith and Lindsay Day

I enjoy working with my friend Lindsay because she makes every situation fun and exciting. We joined Greenbrier at the same time and became fast friends. Since then, we became each other’s permanent “plus ones” to work events, started an employee resource group together and she even officiated at my wedding!

Adriana Smith
Manager, Corporate Comms & Sustainability

Working with my friend Adriana is one of my perks of working at Greenbrier. She is an excellent collaborator and colleague, but an even better friend. She is someone I can always count on for anything work-related, but also to make me laugh or lend an ear. In the almost six years of working together, she has become a best friend of mine both inside, and outside of work.

Lindsay Day
Director, Capital Markets

Me and my friend Janney became friends because our dads are best friends and I didn’t know until my dad told me that was his best friend’s daughter.

Melinda Counce

Since she joined the Corporate Comms team, Denise Mora and I have become fast friends. I can count on Denise for honest feedback or a sympathetic ear, and it’s been great working and learning alongside her!

Nate Sanchez
Corporate Communications Assistant

Nate has been a great friend and ally. He is a tremendous supporter, especially as the newest member of the Corporate Comms Team. I know I can count on him to be a resource when needing an extra hand or a friend when having a bad day.

Denise Mora
DEI Specialist

This is me and my friend Gabriela Hernandez. Working with friends means a lot to us, because it makes the day go by a lot easier. It means a lot to know that the connections you make at work can truly last a lifetime through friendship, because it becomes a lot more than that. They turn into family and having a work family that you can come to every day is priceless.

Brandy Blazer
QC Visual Inspector

I’ve known Heidy for about six years. She makes the day brighter, for all of us in HR. She’s always willing to help out and put the employee first.

Samantha Brandon
Sr. HR Generalist

Having a friend at work to collaborate on ideas, check on each other’s well-being, and wish them a great day and safe travels makes the work day more refreshing and fun. It makes you feel like you matter to someone.

Kristi Sell
Customer Service Manager

Jessica Davis, Traci Johnston, Leslie Latham, Kimberly Marsden, Melissa O’Dell, Rebecca Villa and Kristi Sell

Though we work remotely, we are not only colleagues and friends. We are a family. We support each other in our struggles, strengthen through challenges, and celebrate our triumphs—ALL TOGETHER.

Kristi Sell
Customer Service Manager

Working with my friend makes the day better, knowing that we can work and laugh together. This makes work fun.

Terrill Hourd
Safety Admin