7100 CU. FT. Woodchip Gondola

7100 Woodchip Gondola

Greenbrier has designed a high-capacity gondola which includes double end doors, for the shipment of wood chips, cottonseed and other low-density products. Our newest 7,100 cubic foot, 110-ton gondola design features emphasize safety for both shippers and customers with backup suspension when the door opens, releasing the product. Also included are tarp tie down rods along the perimeter for ease of attaching a cover, and the ability to select a rotating coupler configuration.

7100 CU. FT. Woodchip Gondola technical drawing.


Length, Inside 62′-7″
Length, Over Couplers 67′
Door Opening, Width 9′-9.75″
Width, Inside 9′-9.25″
Width, Extreme 10′-8″
Height, Top of Rail to Top Chord 15′-5.375″
Height, Inside 11′-11″
Height, Extreme 15′-5.75″
Clearance AAR Plate F


Light Weight 73,500 lbs
Load Limit 212,500 lbs
Gross Rail Load 286,000 lbs
Capacity 7,100 cu. ft.

Curve Negotiability Radius

Uncoupled 150′
Coupled to Base Car 275′
Coupled to Like Car 275′

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