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5400 Grain Covered Hopper
5400 Grain Covered Hopper
  • 5,400 cubic feet capacity
  • Specifically designed for grain
  • Three compartments
  • Gravity outlet gates
  • Customizable hatch arrangements, outlet gates and interior linings
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30,600 Gallon Ethanol Tank Car
30,600 Gallon Ethanol Tank Car
  • 30,600 gallon capacity
  • Designed for ethanol and other like commodities
  • Meets DOT 117J100W specification
  • Covered with thermal ceramic blanket
  • Various options for loading/unloading valve configurations
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Dura-Max 2,400 cubic feet open-top hopper railcar.
  • 2,400 cubic feet capacity
  • Designed to haul aggregate materials
  • Individually controlled traverse doors
  • Rugged and durable design
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Multi-Max Plus (inside view)
Multi-Max Plus™
  • 80,000 lbs load capacity
  • Configurable for bi- or tri-level
  • Built to transport high-profile trucks and vans
  • Adjustable decks for easy loading and unloading
  • Improved security
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6260 Plastic Pellet Covered Hopper
  • 6,260 cubic feet capacity
  • Designed for dry bulk products
  • Top hatches and bottom unloading gates prevent product contamination
  • Various roof hatch configurations and outlet gates available
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