5-Trough Transverse Coil Gondola

5-Trough Transverse Coil Gondola

Greenbrier’s transverse coil steel gondolas are designed to remove interior rails and running boards, eliminate the need for dunnage and coil blocks—increasing worker safety and preventing coil damage. The gondola is available with 5- or 10-troughs and features bunk lining to prevent coil movement. Greenbrier’s unique design offers the greatest shipment flexibility within the industry, fitting all available and future coil sizes. The optional cover is designed and built to optimally protect coils housed within a transverse style gondola and sloped to withstand rain and snow.

5 Trough Transverse Coil Gondola


Length, Inside N/A
Length, Over Couplers 44’-6 1/8”
Height, Top of Rail to Threshold N/A
Door Opening, Width N/A
Width, Inside 9’-2 3/4” MIN
Width, Extreme 10’-3”
Height, Inside N/A
Estimated Cover Roof Height 12’-5 1/4”
Clearance AAR Plate C


Light Weight N/A
Load Limit 234,100 lbs
Gross Rail Load 286,000 lbs
Capacity 40”–90” coils

Curve Negotiability Radius

Uncoupled 150′
Coupled to Base Car 181′
Coupled to Like Car 172′

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